Extra Virgin Olive Oils Single Varietals

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250 ml Bottles

500 ml Bottles

Block 5 Grove Blend

A consistent, versatile oil, blended from our two main Italian olive varieties, Leccino and Frantoio, with a touch of Greek Koroneiki added to give a mild to medium fruitiness.

Best uses: as a finishing oil on salads, warm vegetables or crushed potato; mix with finely minced coriander to create a fresh zingy dip; drizzle over fresh asparagus or zucchini quartered lengthwise, season and BBQ; a dipping oil for bread; in carrot cake and hummingbird cake.


This classically Tuscan olive produces a lightly fruity, mellow, creamy Italian olive oil, with a light sharp taste and a long capsicum like finish.  Frantoio brings intensity and depth to many dishes.

Best uses: rub on meat and potatoes in their skin before cooking; drizzle over cooked pasta dishes and salads; drizzle over fresh mozzarella or burrata and top with a light sprinkle of salt and pepper; a dipping oil for bread; drizzle over sliced rockmelon wound with prosciutto then sprinkle with a little rich balsamic; Cut a cross in the top of fresh figs, lightly squeeze to open and pop in a piece of blue cheese, wind with a slice of prosciutto ad drizzle with Frantoio and a light balsamic.


This Italian olive produces a buttery golden yellow oil with both fruity and nutty flavours. This is a popular all-purpose oil with a fresh vibrant grassy flavour and a slightly peppery finish that has a wide range of uses without over-powering milder food flavours.

Best uses: an excellent finishing oil for cooked vegetables and poached fish or chicken; drizzle over salad; a dipping oil.  Pierce a camembert 20 times all over the top, insert sliced garlic and thyme sprigs, drizzle with a little Leccino and maple syrup, bake for 10 minutes at 180°C then serve with crostini for dipping.  Drizzle over fresh mozzarella or burrata and serve with fresh tomatoes and basil for your own caprese salad.


From Greece, Koroneiki produces an aromatic strongly flavoured greenish-hued oil.  It has a complex aroma, with hints of green herbs and tomato.  Perfect in its natural raw state, or for adding to a finished dish.

Best uses: to enhance delicate-tasting cuisine with an olive flavour: grilled fish and chicken; salads especially greek salad with feta, kalamata olives, red and green capsicum, finely sliced purple onion, deseeded tomatoes and cucumber; as part of an appetiser platter with cold cuts, cheeses, a quality balsamic and your favorite crusty bread.


A popular medium to strong flavoured Spanish olive oil with an herbaceous aroma of grass leaf and tomatoes, a smooth, buttery taste with a noticeable peppery finish in the back of the throat.  Picual is one of the most stable olive oils due to a very high percentage of monounsaturated fat so it stands up well to high heat making it an excellent choice for cooking and using in savoury dishes.  Not for use in delicately flavoured dishes such as fish, mayonnaise or desserts.

Best uses: cooking at higher temperatures such as stir-fry, frying and crumbing; long slow cooking in casseroles, soups and sauces; match with a gutsy balsamic vinegar for dipping bread; make an appetising dip by mixing with grated aged cheddar and freshly ground coriander seeds or blue cheese and maple syrup with crusty bread.  Drizzle over fresh sliced tomatoes on toasted Burgen or Vogel bread seasoned with plenty of black pepper and a few salt flakes for breakfast.

Agrumato Olive Oils

Agrumato olive oil is created by pressing fresh olives with fresh ingredients that provide additional flavour with lovely depth.  These olive oils cannot be called Extra Virgin Olive Oil, because they never existed in the Extra Virgin state.  The Olive oils are made from olives out of the same batch as our Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the same vintage.

Available In:

250 ml Bottles

Yuzu Agrumato 

Olive oil pressed from olives and tangy yuzu creates a zesty citrus oil with the distinct aroma and flavour of yuzu.  We fell in love with yuzu when we lived in Tokyo for five years, so we just had to create a yuzu olive oil!  Yuzu is a small citrus fruit that is of similar size and shape to a mandarin with colouring leaning towards that of a grapefruit.  Yuzu are full of seeds, so are mainly used for their fragrant zest and less so their tart juice.  If you haven’t experienced yuzu, then here’s your chance.

Best uses: good drizzled on most seafood; enjoy with scallops served with a hint of ginger and sesame seeds; prawns with crispy shredded lettuce, avocado, citrus segments, a dash of soy and honey, a touch of fresh chilli and yuzu olive oil; introduce a different flavour to your BBQ or grilled chicken; fruit flavoured muffins; in sugar cookies with grapefruit zest or yuzu zest if you have it and white chocolate chips.

Meyer Lemon Agrumato

Olive oil pressed from olives and fragrant ripe lemons to create a delicious lemon-scented oil.  This is a classic flavour combo that is incredibly versatile.  Every kitchen will benefit from using a quality Lemon Agrumato.

Best uses: cooking and drizzling on fish and chicken; drizzle over vegetables especially asparagus, broccoli and milder vegetables such as artichokes and zucchini then top with toasted pine nuts or almonds and freshly shaved parmesan; drizzle over asparagus and lemon risotto then top with orange-mustard chicken breasts; a lemon olive oil based pasta sauce with fresh lemon zest and juice, garlic, chilli, Italian parsley and prawns;  make a fresh flavoured vinaigrette with balsamic or wine vinegar and your favourite herbs; lemon-blueberry muffins; use to coat the pan when cooking blueberry pancakes; substitute for half the plain Extra Virgin Olive Oil in carrot cake, for another layer of flavour complexity then use lemon zest and juice to make cream cheese frosting.

Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Available In:

250 ml Bottles

Garlic Infused

Extra virgin olive oil blended with garlic creates an aromatic tasty oil for use with savoury dishes.  A pantry staple for the garlic lovers among us.

Best uses: fabulous with pasta particularly with prawns and chilli; drizzled on vegetables or potato wedges before roasting; brush on baguette slices and bake in the oven, top with diced fresh tomato, shredded basil and season to make bruschetta; in pizza crusts, panini and focaccia.

Lime Infused

Extra virgin olive oil blended with delicate, fragrant limes creates a fragrant oil that brings a fresh aromatic note to many cuisines and sweet treats.

Best uses: superb on summer salads as an aromatic citrus vinaigrette; Mexican dishes, Asian dishes and dipping sauces; drizzle on tomatoes; add a refreshing note to Latin dishes; drizzle a small amount on hot roasted stone fruit sprinkled with brown sugar; add a little to crumble topping mix for apricot, apple or apple and blackberry crumble; in sugar cookies with lime zest and white chocolate chips.

Lime & Thai Chili Infused

Extra virgin olive oil combined with fragrant limes and Thai chilli, giving a zingy fragrant flavour.

Best uses: in Mexican dishes, Asian dishes, stir-fries and Thai or Penang chicken curry; anything that benefits from a little kick such as BBQ char-grilled vegetables and BBQ chicken thighs.